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An Inside Look: Inside Gymnastics Magazine and Inside Gymnastics on Tour!

Join Inside Gymnastics In Person for an All-New Immersive Experience!

Bringing the Inside Gymnastics magazine experience to life, Inside Gymnastics on Tour is an an all-new one-day, two-track immersive experience for athletes, their coaches, gym owners and parents, dedicated to providing a positive, safe, diverse and fun educational opportunity celebrating the sport of gymnastics in hand-selected gyms across the country!

A Note From Inside Gymnastics

With the goal of serving the gymnastics community as the leading media outlet for the sport, Inside Gymnastics magazine was founded in 2002 with a launch in March of that year. The debut issue featured eventual Olympian and U.S. National Champion Tasha Schwikert on the cover. We spent a day with her at her high school (where we actually shot the cover), to show what her life was like away from just training and competition results. From the beginning, the magazine has had a focus on showcasing life both on and off the competition floor, with some describing the magazine as a cross between ‘Sports Illustrated’ and ‘People’ magazine, for the sport of gymnastics. Gymnasts are dynamic athletes with individual personalities and unique skill sets, and the mission has always been to showcase the person as a whole, not just the competition results.

And whether you’re a gymnast, coach, club owner, parent or fan, Inside Gymnastics has aimed to have something for everyone in each issue. Insightful articles, personality profiles, columns from Olympic legends, plus fashion, fitness, nutrition, product spotlights and more – all with stunning photography! 

Now, we’re embarking on a journey to travel to select cities across the country for an in-person experience for athletes, parents, plus club owners and coaches. We call it Inside Gymnastics on Tour, with an immersive day of learning and celebration in the sport we all love. I like to think of it as bringing the magazine and your favorite feature to life in person!

Maybe you’ve read our feature stories on Bridget Sloan, Megan Skaggs or BJ Das, or book marked our online interview with Norah Flatley – and now you get to meet them in person for a motivational speech and autograph session! Maybe you’ve been following 1984 Olympic gold medalist Kathy Johnson Clarke’s NCAA commentary or her take on artistry and training the whole gymnast as a person, and want to hear more. Or you’ve seen incredible images from a stunning floor routine – and now you get to hear the backstory along with tips to polish your own presentation!

From mindset to motivation, fitness to having fun, choreography to peak conditioning, and everything in between, we think you’ll walk away with a new outlook, great tips from legends that you can incorporate into your routines and daily training, and more motivation than ever before to be your true self as an athlete. And hey, you just might see yourself in the pages of the magazine one day as well!

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event and being a part of your journey in this sport we love so much!

President and Publisher
Inside Publications
Inside Publications

Chris Kortoky

Inside Publications

Chris Kortoky

Christopher Korotky is the founder and owner of Inside Publications, an Atlanta-based firm that produces niche sports magazines as well as custom publications. Among the company’s titles are Inside Gymnastics magazine, Inside Cheerleading with Cheer Biz News, Inside Action Sports magazine, and Inside Dance magazine. The company also produces three Annual titles: The Cheerleading Coach’s Handbook, The Gymnastics Coach’s Resource Guide and Inside All Star Cheer. The Custom Publications division develops custom projects and has also published the book, Cheerleading: From Tryouts to Championships. The magazines have won a number of accolades, including Best Magazine from the Spirit Industry Trade Association multiple years running. Korotky has also been inducted into the DX Dance Industry Hall of Fame.

Prior to launching Inside Publications, Korotky was Vice President of Creaxion, a national marketing and public relations firm, where he developed business plans and marketing programs for a wide variety of clients, from tech start-ups to media organizations to consumer products companies. Korotky also served as Vice President of Books-A-Million (BAM), one of the largest booksellers in the United States where he led marketing initiatives, custom publishing projects, and public relations initiatives. 

Korotky is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Auburn University with a degree in marketing.

“The off season is a perfect time to evaluate a gymnasts’ goals,” Tomlinson said. “Our hope with Inside Gymnastics On Tour is to give athletes a moment with some of their heroes to inspire them to live like their own centerfold – owning every step of their journey. Every moment of success, each moment of adversity… through the resilience and joy… we hope athletes whole-heartedly dive into this experience and walk away knowing they can achieve anything they set their mind to.”

Cory Tomlinson

Make It Loud, LLC founder & NCAA Athletics Marketing Consultant and Inside Gymnastics On Tour host

An Inside Look: Inside Gymnastics Magazine

In just over two decades since it’s inaugural issue, Inside Gymnastics magazine has grown to be the number one media outlet for year-round gymnastics coverage worldwide, with a stunning print edition, a vibrant App, increased on-site event coverage, a passionate group of social media Followers (approaching one million across platforms), and a recently relaunched YouTube Channel. The incredible base of readers is passionate about the sport and loyal to the magazine and all its platforms, a testament to both the community and the publication.

Inside Gymnastics has covered the 2004 Athens Games, 2008 Beijing Games, 2012 London Games, 2016 Rio Games, 2020 Tokyo Games and is now gearing up for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Cover stars have included Olympians Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Jade Carey, Laurie Hernandez, Nastia Liukin, MyKayla Skinner and Carly Patterson, among others, along with NCAA stars like Maggie Nichols and Trinity Thomas. 

Each year, the magazine produces a number of commemorative editions, including for the World Championships or Olympic Games and the NCAA Championships and also showcases athletes in unique ways, including with the annual presentation and recognition of the ’50 Most Artistic’ athletes in the sport.

Whether you’re a gymnast, coach, club owner, parent or fan, Inside Gymnastics has something for everyone! Insightful articles, personality profiles, columns from Olympic legends, plus fashion, fitness, nutrition, product spotlights and more – all with stunning photography! 

Thank you to our Tour Host Gyms!