What Are People Saying?

Hear about what people are saying about Inside Gymnastics On Tour, leading up to the inaugural events of the summer.

“Gymnastics and the surrounding community is growing rapidly. The Inside Gymnastics tour is an exciting event that signifies that. It’s incredible to be a part of inspiring numerous careers and people to get involved in the sport. Gymnastics is for everyone, and I look forward to sharing my passion for it with you all!”

Lynnzee Brown

2023 NCAA co-National Runner-Up (vault) and 2021 and 2023 AAI Award finalist for Denver

“For decades, Inside Gymnastics has given us educational and entertaining content. I’m so excited to be a part of the inaugural Inside Gymnastics On Tour, an event bringing that content to life. I can’t wait to share, learn and dance with all of you.”

Valorie Kondos Field

Head coach of the seven-time NCAA Champion UCLA Bruins

“Bringing a group of elite-minded people together that I feel are on the same wavelength in terms of where gymnastics should be going is what I’m most excited about for Inside Gymnastics On Tour,” said Cale Robinson, head coach and owner at Pacific Reign Gymnastics. “Inviting that caliber of people together under one roof and having them share their knowledge and be a part of Pacific Reign is exciting – it’s not just getting them together under one roof, but giving our clients and other people that might need or want that knowledge or be inspired by the presenters – to give them the access to them, is what spoke to me the most.”

Cale Robinson

Optional Coach/Co-Owner, Pacific Reign

“I just have a ton of respect for Chris (Korotky). So I appreciate what he does. I appreciate the way he delivers the message. I feel like he really attacks all parts of the sport, and just truly loves his passion. So when he calls me, I take it as a huge compliment to even be asked, and, I’m excited to work with the team at Inside Gymnastics for Inside Gymnastics On Tour! Honestly, I tell people all the time I have a lot of faith in our team, but I love working with other teams like this because I’m sure there are things that we’re going to learn through the process.”

Aaron Basham

Owner, Cypress Academy of Gymnastics

“The off season is a perfect time to evaluate a gymnasts’ goals,” Tomlinson said. “Our hope with Inside Gymnastics On Tour is to give athletes a moment with some of their heroes to inspire them to live like their own centerfold – owning every step of their journey. Every moment of success, each moment of adversity… through the resilience and joy… we hope athletes whole-heartedly dive into this experience and walk away knowing they can achieve anything they set their mind to.”

Cory Tomlinson

Make It Loud, LLC founder & NCAA Athletics Marketing Consultant and Inside Gymnastics On Tour host

Inside Gymnastics is thrilled to launch our very first Inside Gymnastics On Tour event in the summer of 2023 together with an outstanding lineup of presenters who are solely focused on celebrating our sport and providing a completely inclusive and positive experience for athletes and coaches across the country. The invaluable experience Inside Gymnastics on Tour will provide and the partnerships we will create and extend with the best of the best in our industry truly aligns with our mission to to elevate and promote the positive opportunities gymnastics offers for all levels and all ages, and celebrate the athletes who inspire us every day!”

Christy Sandmaier

Vice President for Inside Publications