Our Goals For the Tour

At the conclusion of Inside Gymnastics On Tour, we hope each participant has sense of achievement, awareness and focus to feel:

  • Athletes

      • Empowered
      • Heard
      • Together
      • Inspired

  • Parents of Athletes

      • At peace
      • “The sport is heading in a great direction”
      • Educated but understanding of separation from the role of parent vs. coach

  • Club Coaches

      • “I learned A LOT!”
      • Excited to put learnings into their day-to-day work
      • Humbled to create space for athletes personal development

  • Club Owners

      • “We are in this together!”
      • Collaborative, not competitive
      • Inspired to change culture

Inside Gymnastics is thrilled to launch our very first Inside Gymnastics On Tour event in the summer of 2023 together with an outstanding lineup of presenters who are solely focused on celebrating our sport and providing a completely inclusive and positive experience for athletes and coaches across the country. The invaluable experience Inside Gymnastics on Tour will provide and the partnerships we will create and extend with the best of the best in our industry truly aligns with our mission to to elevate and promote the positive opportunities gymnastics offers for all levels and all ages, and celebrate the athletes who inspire us every day!”

Christy Sandmaier

Vice President for Inside Publications

Speaker(s) will present covering a range of topics that may include:

  • Athlete Wellness – mental, emotional and physical
  • Teamwork
  • Choreography
  • Artistry – Performance quality
  • College Preparation

  • NIL
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Staff recruitment and Retention
  • Best Hiring Practices